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7 ways to use your thermal imaging camera (TIC).

Would your station respond to a fire if only one person on each truck had a radio, flashlight, or SCBA gear? Of course not. Now there’s no reason for every fire fighter not to have a TIC.

Firefighting cameras like the FLIR K2 are now so affordable that every single firefighter should have a TIC attached to his gear. Why? TICs have become indispensable tools to improve fire fighter safety and effectiveness when attacking fires, locating hot spots, and saving lives. 
But there are lots of other ways to use a TIC you may not have thought of. Take a look at the seven most common uses for TICs and think how your operations would change if every member of your team carried one.

  • Seeing Through Smoke
Thermal cameras like the K2 can see through smoke and other obscurants, so all of your team members can keep a close eye on one another as you make your way through the fire or nighttime SAR scene. The K2 also helps you find people at accident scenes, search locations, or when they’re trapped in a fire.

  • Fire Attack
The K2 gives every firefighter the ability to see not only how the fire is spreading, but that they’re getting water on the fire as effectively and efficiently as possible.

  • Measuring Temperatures
K2 can accurately measure temperatures from a distance, so you can see the presence of hot gases rising to the ceiling and get advanced warning of possible rollover situations.

  • Search and Rescue (SAR)
Whether your team is searching for a person in a fire, in the woods, or for victims at an accident scene, K2 acts as a force multiplier by giving everyone on the team effective vision in all situations.

Wildfire Prevention
Thermal imaging cameras clearly show hot spots, indicating where “underground fires” are still burning. Although not visible to the human eye, underground fires can erupt in flame at any time. By eliminating these underground hot spots, fire fighters can make sure everything is really out.

  • Overhaul
During the overhaul process, the burned area is carefully examined for hot spots that can cause a fire to reignite. These hot spots will clearly show up on a K2, making overhaul faster and more effective.

  • Safety Audits & Alarm Call Response
Thermal imaging cameras can spot faulty electrical equipment or wiring in cabinets and walls, as they usually heat up before they fail. This makes a thermal imaging camera the ideal tool to use during safety audits or in response to nuisance calls.